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Full color print by Stewart H. Schenck Jr.

Steward Schenck oil painting In about 1950, a pastor Ruth Brown saw Dittmar's black and white drawing and it fascinated her so much that she asked a young artist to paint it in oil paints. That young artist was Stewart H. Schenck Jr. At the time, Stewart was just a 17-year-old high school student who attended the church that Mrs. Brown had back then. He had such a high regard for her and so agreed to take on the project of transforming this drawing into a full-color oil painting. Before your eyes is the result. Stewart carefully sketched to canvas the highly detailed elements of the drawing, mixed the oil paint colors, finally applying them to the canvas, using some artistic license for how things could look. Stewart Schenck's full-color oil painting is protected by copyright law, so all rights are reserved. We offer you a choice of the FREE print of this colorful item in two sizes, 16 x 20 and 10 x 12. Framing is not included. Your art will come in a tube mailer for the flat rate of $10.00 for shipping cost. But the artwork is now free of charge to all who are interested in it.

Stewart presented the oil painting he produced to his church, and there it sat, unframed, for well over twenty-five years just gathering dust in the corner and eventually getting torn and tattered and virtually ignored. There came a time when he left that place and the painting left with him ultimately. It remained at his home then. Stewart fixed the tear in the canvas that it had suffered and cleaned it up, and so it sat at home, until ?

In 2009, Stewart H. Schenck Jr. went home to our Father which art in heaven, and to his eternal reward, and his wife took that painting and had prints made of it and sent those to family and to each of their seven children. It has been their wish for many years to get this one-of-a-kind, rare and precious painting into millions of hands across the world. There always seems to be something we missed seeing, even after all these decades. Everyone who studies the painting sees different things at different times. W. J. Dittmar's print in black and white has so many more people or characters he had drawn into his original work, so many different types of people! Having it in full color, though, adds a whole new dimension of life-likeness, a veritable feast for the eyes, a visual adventure.

We honor the memory of Stew Schenck by offering you this experience that has lasted us since childhood. Hang it up in your home, church school, store, business office, prisons and jails, homes for the homeless, and study it. You will find it there 75 years from now still proclaiming silently the ages-old message that still echos down the corridors of Time, the eternal love and call of Christ to the lost sheep of this old world. And you will still be finding things in it you had not seen the first, second, third or even fourth time you looked at it. Order in time for holidays, birthdays, celebrations of every kind that suits your family and friends.

The RFETH Crew

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