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The Road From Earth to Heaven


Print by Walter John Dittmar

In 1932 a young artist/illustrator named W.J. Dittmar (Walter John Dittmar) of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was requested by the Union Gospel Press to create an illustrative work of art in pen and ink. The work is called The Road From Earth To Heaven, and it appeared in the Union Gospel Press Gospel Herald publication sometime between 1932 and 1950. Now, W. J. Dittmar was color blind, but though this drawing was created in pen and ink, amazingly, Dittmar has many other works that are indeed in color, and so well executed that you would not even know that he was visually color impaired! His descendants have informed us that Dittmar's wife Daisy used to stand at his side suggesting what color paints to use on his works that are in color, not merely black and white drawings.

Walter John Dittmar print There are two drawings Mr. Dittmar produced: The first one has quite a few more features in it. The second one was produced specifically for the Union Gospel Press. The original drawing number 2 is in the hands of we know not whom, but all Mr. Dittmar's illustrations are still copyright protected to this day (2020). However, we have obtained Drawing No. 1, from some Dittmar descendants and it has been made available as a poster copy which we offer FREE OF CHARGE in two sizes - an approximately 11" x 17" and a 21.5 x 28". Just note the high detail and cleverness with which Dittmar features the salient points of the road of this life we are all journeying on, that wide broad road with all its attractions and distractions that leads to destruction, and the narrow road that leads to life eternal. Your eyes will find something new every single time you study these drawings!

When we obtained W. J. Dittmar's drawings No. 1 and 2, in black and white, we were elated to discover so many more people or characters he had drawn into both his original works, so many different types of people, a veritable feast for the eyes, a visual adventure. We encourage you to order these FREE prints and the full color one by Stewart H. Schenck Jr., produced in about 1950 in full color oil paints, now a large print poster we have also which we show you in the next video. Hang them side-by-side for an unforgettable visual art experience you've never ever seen before!

Display this timeless masterpiece of religious/Christian themed art in your home, children's rooms, church school, store, business office, prisons, mental health institutions, homes for the homeless, even a library, and study it. You will find it there 75 years from now still proclaiming silently the ages-old message that still echos down the corridors of Time, the eternal love and call of Christ to the lost sheep of this tired old world. And you will still be finding things in it you had not seen the first, second, third or even forth time you looked at it. You simply cannot see everything in a few minutes. It is an awesome life journey and now the RFETH team leaves you to begin your journey up ... the road From Earth To Heaven.

The RFETH Crew



Photo 1 is W. J. Dittmar and his lovely wife Daisy
Walter John Dittmar and wife
Photo 2 is W. J. Dittmar and his two children John and Daisy Irene
Walter John Dittmar family

Thanks to Debbie and Donald Leathers for these two wonderful photographs of a young Walter John Dittmar. His two little children are John and Daisy Irene and this photograph of them was taken at 1164 High Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania around 1914.

Walter J. and his wife Daisy Dittmar. Since Walter was color-blind, his wife Daisy used to stand behind him while he painted and she would select the colors for him. She did a masterful job as many of his color artworks do indeed bear out.


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